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Video - Keruen Plus faktory
15 апреля 2017


Keruen Plus factory was founded in 2015 as a PVC producer of profiles, pipes and fittings with a total

plant area and offices of 12,000 square meters, and offering 500 jobs.

In 2016, we reinvested a high-tech line for the production of PPR pipes for water supply and heating with a capacity of 4000 tons a year. 

Our factory's peculiarity is full automation of supply of raw materials on the line that excludes the human factor during the production.

In addition, we are proud to announce that we are the first plant in Kazakhstan that does not use lead in the production of PVC products, instead of lead stabilizer, calcium-zinc stabilizer is used.

 As you know, lead is a heavy metal and very harmful to the environment and human health.

Also the production line of PVC pipes is the most modern and high-tech line in the country. 

Our production lines are equipped with the latest European technologies, we work with such manufacturers as KRAUSS MAFFEI (Germany) SICA (Italy).

Currently, we've launched 5 lines of PVC profiles, 2 high-throughput lines for pipes and 5 thermoplastic automata, which form fittings to pipes. In our production, we use only European additives that have already been recognized by world manufacturers. 

We market our PVC profiles under the trademarks: KAVI, "KALE", "ROYALWIN", and our pipes and fittings are sold under the brands "DENIZ", "OKYANUS", "PINAR". 

Our main goal is creation of a Kazakhstan PVC brand of profiles, pipes and fittings which will be known in the territory of the CIS, and globally in the future.